Level Select CBD Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Looking for an excellent CBD product? Check out Level Select CBD. This company offers a variety of CBD products perfect for any need.

Whether you are looking for pain relief, anxiety relief, or just want to feel better, Level Select has the ideal product. In this review, we will look at their products and see what makes them so unique. Keep reading to learn more.

Company Details

Level Select CBD has various products to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. The company boasts a team of doctors that ensure the potency and quality of its products. Unlike other CBD brands, this company has products not usually offered by others. Their specialization is on creating products — like teas, creams, and gummies —that work well for athletes, people with chronic pain, and those who suffer from anxiety.

Benefits of Level Select CBD

There are many benefits to using Level Select CBD products. Among these are:

  • Products that are third-party lab tested
  • High potency products
  • High-quality products
  • A team of doctors oversees the quality and potency of products
  • Athlete-friendly products

Negatives of Level Select CBD

  • Only accepts unopened products for returns
  • Limited product selection
  • Limited flavors
  • Customer service is through email only

Where Does Level Select CBD Hemp Come From?

Level Select CBD hemp is sourced from different hemp farms across the US. Most of these farms are in Colorado, California, West Virginia, Maryland, and Minnesota. They have also partnered with local farms to ensure that their hemp is organic and grown without pesticides.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Level Select CBD products are third-party lab tested. This is to ensure that the potency and quality of the products meet the company’s standards. The tests also check for any contaminants, such as heavy metals or pesticides. To ensure quality, the company has a team of doctors who oversee the development and production of its products.

Are They Transparent?

Level Select CBD is transparent about its products. It has a website that provides information on all of its products. It also has a blog and FAQ section that provides more information on the company, its products, and how they work. You can also contact the company through email to get more information.

Information about the processes they use and their teams that work on their products are also shown on their website. Best of all, the lab test results are open to the public. This is an important factor to know whether the company is honest with what their products contain.

Company Reviews: Which Product Should I Buy?

Level Select CBD has a unique set of products offered. Some of the products they carry are not even seen in other brands — this is what made the brand popular. Among its products are:

1. Sports Cream

This cream is made for athletes and helps manage pain and inflammation. The cream is also fast-acting, so you can use it before or after a workout. It has three levels with 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1200 mg of CBD. The potency options make the product even more helpful for CBD users. This product is non-greasy and provides a cooling effect. It comes in a 3 oz tub and in a menthol scent.

2. Sports Roll-On

This is a topical CBD product that you can use before or after a workout. It has cooling and pain-relieving effects. The roll-on comes with 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1200 mg of CBD. It is similar to the sports cream; only it’s in a roll-on form, making it a no-mess product. It comes in a mint scent and gives a cooling menthol feel.

3. CBD Tea

This is a product not really offered by many CBD companies. It has CBD oil and hemp and can help with chronic pain, anxiety, stress relief, and insomnia. It comes in different flavors such as chamomile, Earl Grey, English breakfast, and green tea lemon. Each flavor provides a specific effect: focus, sleep, or revival. Each tea bag contains 15 mg CBD, and each box contains 18 tea bags.

4. CBD Oil Drops

This product is available in 1200 mg, 2400 mg, and 5000 mg of CBD oil and comes in a 60ml bottle. The oil can be used for different purposes, such as anxiety and chronic pain relief whether its muscles, joints, or tendons, and can help with sleep problems. The oil is also vegan and gluten-free and comes in mint and natural flavors. Take the oil by placing a few drops under the tongue, though some prefer mixing it with their favorite drink or food.

5. CBD Gummies

These are CBD gummies that come in different flavors and benefits. You can choose between Immune Support, Restful Sleep, or Focused Energy. Each bottle contains 60 gummies, and each has 25 mg CBD. Each variant contains other beneficial ingredients.

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Where to Buy Level Select CBD Products in 2022?

You can purchase Level Select CBD products from the company’s website. It has all the information you need to know about the products, and you can also check if the product is available or not. Other online retail stores carry the brand, but these usually lead you to the company website.

This brand is a bit on the expensive side compared to other brands, but with the quality of their products, it is worth the price.

Level Select CBD Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Products Do Level Select CBD offer?

The company offers a wide range of CBD products, including sports cream, sports roll-on, CBD tea, CBD oil drops, and CBD gummies.

2. Can I Return Products from Level Select CBD?

Yes, you can return products, but only if its unused and unopened. You need to contact the company first before returning any product.

3. How Do I Get in Contact With the Company?

You can get in contact with the company through their website or email. You can use the online inquiry form found on their website.

4. What’s the Best Product for Me?

The product to choose should depend on your needs and condition. Remember that these CBD products have varied effects on the individuals using them. You can start with a lower potency product and work your way up if needed. If you need pain relief, it is best to take products like topicals and oils. If you want relaxation, then products like tea and gummies would work best.

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CBD 101

CBD has become very popular, but let’s look at what it is and how it can boost your health.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound that comes from the cannabis plant. It has therapeutic effects by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

Studies have shown that CBD can provide relief from various conditions. Some of the benefits include:

  • Pain Relief: CBD is often effective in reducing chronic pain.
  • Anxiety Relief: CBD can help reduce anxiety levels and improve moods.
  • Sleep Aid: CBD can help people with insomnia get a good night’s sleep.
  • Improved focus: CBD can help improve focus and concentration.

How is CBD Oil Used?

CBD oil can be used in various ways. It can be taken orally by placing a few drops under the tongue or mixing it with your favorite drink or food. You can also apply it topically to the skin. Some people even vape CBD oil.

Will CBD Make Me High?

No, CBD will not make you high. It is a non-intoxicating compound and will not cause any psychoactive effects. If you want to be sure that the CBD product will not cause a “high,” then check its ingredients. Only use products with low or no THC.

Can I Overdose on CBD?

No, you cannot overdose on CBD. However, it is always best to start with a lower dose and work your way up if needed. This will help minimize any potential side effects.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD?

CBD is generally well tolerated and does not cause many side effects. However, some may experience:

  • Dry Mouth: CBD can cause dry mouth in some people. This can be resolved by drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Dizziness: CBD can cause dizziness, but this usually resolves on its own within a few hours.
  • Fatigue: CBD can cause fatigue in some people. If this occurs, take a break from using CBD and resume when you feel more energetic.

Is Level Select CBD Worth Buying?

Level Select CBD is a quality brand that offers a wide range of CBD products. Their products are on the expensive side, but they offer good value for your money. If you’re looking for a quality CBD brand, then Level Select CBD is a good choice. You can find not-so-common CBD products that have high potencies.

The products are made for athletes or anyone who needs strong topical pain relief, especially since it uses high amounts of CBD. The company gets a lot of attention because of the products they offer, and customers are pleased with their products’ effects.


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