Does CBD Work for Tendonitis? Benefits, Usage, & Effects

Tendonitis is a long-term disorder of tendons or their origins, commonly found in the shoulders. This is caused by an inflammatory process that leads to pain and stiffness around the affected tendon – which can be excruciatingly painful.

Tendonitis is a painful condition that can be caused by repetitive motion or overuse. Tendonitis often affects the elbow, shoulder, and wrist. The causes of tendonitis are not always clear but it’s been linked to diabetes, arthritis, and other autoimmune disorders.

Luckily there is something you can do about it: CBD oil! You may have heard about how beneficial this hemp-based product is for treating chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Well, now there’s evidence that CBD oil for tendonitis works! Check out our blog post and get absolute care for your troubled tendons!

CBD for Tendonitis: Is it an Effective Treatment?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. Its scientific name, cannabidiolic acid, also knows it. CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties as THC does, and it is effective at helping with chronic pain relief.

CBD can even act as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. That means that not only can you get rid of your tendonitis pain, but you could also use it to manage arthritis or other inflammatory conditions in your body too!

5 Reasons Why CBD Oil Can Help Tendonitis

CBD oil has become more popular over the years for its ability to reduce inflammation, which is why it’s so effective at treating tendonitis. It can also be combined with other medications and therapies to relieve common symptoms associated with this condition.

Reducing Pain & Inflammation

CBD oil has been shown to help decrease pain levels by affecting the body’s endocannabinoid system.

It can do this by activating cannabinoid receptors throughout the nervous system, which helps reduce inflammation and pain caused by tendonitis and other conditions involving chronic nerve or joint pain.

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

CBD oil has been found to have mood-boosting properties.

This is because CBD oil helps release serotonin, which acts as a neurotransmitter that regulates moods and feelings of well-being. That means you’ll not only feel less pain but also have an increased sense of happiness too!

Helping You Sleep Better at Night

CBD oil can help improve sleep by allowing you to fall asleep faster and stay in a deep, restful state of sleep all night long.

This is because it acts as a relaxant that helps with pain relief—which means less tossing and turning so you can get the whole night’s sleep your body needs!

Helping Maintain Healthy Bone and Joint Health

CBD oil is excellent for your bones, muscles, and joints.

CBD can help with these areas of your body because it acts as a natural antioxidant that can protect cells from damage by free radicals. It also activates CB receptors throughout our bodies which can help promote healthy cell growth and repair.

CBD oil also can inhibit enzymes that break down cartilage, which means it can be used as a preventative measure against arthritis in your joints or other forms of chronic pain conditions such as tendonitis!

write the 5th benefit of CBD oil for tendonitisStandard benefits:

CBD Can Help With Chronic Pain Relief

CBD oil can help with chronic pain relief by affecting the body’s endocannabinoid system. It has been shown to decrease pain levels and inflammation from tendonitis and other conditions that involve chronic nerve or joint pain.

Tendonitis 101: What Is It?

Tendonitis is also known as tendinopathy, which means that the tendon becomes inflamed and painful for many reasons. This could include overuse or injury to the area where it’s found. It doesn’t always happen suddenly either; sometimes, there are signs of something wrong before you get full-blown symptoms like pain and inflammation.

Several factors can also cause tendonitis. For example, tendonitis in the wrist could be due to an old injury like falling on your outstretched hand, or it could even happen after holding something heavy for long periods, such as a laptop computer. Other common causes include:

Overusing tendons and muscles through repetitive motions or injuries

Being physically inactive can increase your risk of tendonitis. This is because the muscles and tendons are not being used enough to keep them healthy, which means they become more prone to injury or inflammation when you start using them again or in more significant amounts than before.

What are the Types of Tendonitis?

There are three common types of tendonitis:

Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondyle Tendonitis is a type of tendinopathy caused by damage to the muscles and tendons around your elbow. It’s most likely due to overuse from playing tennis repetitively, but there have been cases where it happens after a long time of holding a computer mouse in an awkward position.

Golfer’s Elbow or Medial Epicondyle Tendonitis is another type of tendonitis that occurs when there has been damage to the muscles and tendons around your elbow. Still, it’s more likely due to overuse from playing golf repetitively.

Patellar Tendonitis is a type of tendonitis caused by inflammation or injury to the patellar (knee) tendon, which can happen after an impact like falling while playing sports such as soccer or basketball. It can also result from overuse through repetitive motions such as running on a track for long periods.

CBD & Tendonitis: A Guide to Choosing the Best CBD Product

There are a variety of CBD products out there for you to choose from.

CBD oil is the most common product because it’s non-intoxicating and has many uses, including pain relief, which can be great for tendonitis sufferers who need help managing their symptoms!

When choosing your CBD Oil tincture, consider the following:

Ensure the CBD oil is made from organic hemp that has been adequately cultivated without any harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. This will help ensure a safer and more effective product for you!

Also, make sure it’s extracted using CO² to preserve the quality and potency of ingredients. Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil which contains all cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa, and CBG, for maximum benefits. This will ensure that you’re getting all of the beneficial properties of hemp extract!

Use a high-quality CBD oil tincture to get started on your way toward healthier living today!

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How to Use CBD Products for Tendonitis?

Now that you’ve chosen your CBD product, use it in one of the following ways:

CBD Oil Tincture – Drop under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds. Then swallow to get all of its benefits!

Topical Application – Apply a small amount directly over the area where tendonitis is affecting you the most. It can be used up to four times a day.

Vaporizer – Take CBD in vapor form by using your favorite vape pen or vaping device! You can use this method once every hour.

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CBD Oil Dosage Recommendations for Tendonitis Sufferers

If you are suffering from tendonitis, it is crucial to get the correct dosage of CBD oil. The majority of people tend to take too much, which can cause side effects such as fatigue or reduced alertness. If you suffer from chronic pain, a good starting point would be around 25mg per day, depending on your body weight and severity of pain.

Most people don’t think about CBD oil for tendonitis until they have tried all other options, and it is a very effective natural alternative that has been proven to work well with little or no side effects. You can take the dosage in drops under your tongue, but this cannot be done daily as your body will get used to it.

You can take CBD oil throughout the day by adding it to your water bottle to get a consistent dose that will help you manage pain and inflammation caused by tendonitis without any side effects, including fatigue or reduced alertness. It is also important not to exceed dosage guidelines as this could cause serious health problems such as liver toxicity.

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The Conclusion: Does CBD Work for Tendonitis?

CBD oil is the perfect choice for tendonitis sufferers because it’s non-intoxicating, which means you won’t feel any high. It’s also a great choice because it doesn’t have any side effects and has been shown to help reduce inflammation, leading to pain relief.

There are various CBD products, but the best CBD product for tendonitis sufferers is the one that’s made from organic hemp, extracted using CO², contains all cannabinoids including CBD, CBDa, and CBG for maximum benefits.

Also, make sure it doesn’t exceed dosage guidelines so you’ll avoid any of the side effects associated with taking too much CBD oil!

Before buying CBD, it’s essential to read reviews more about it. Make sure you’re getting the best product for your money.

Have you used CBD oil for tendonitis? What were your thoughts on the results? Let us know in the comments below!

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