Equilibria Women CBD Review — Is It Worth Buying?

If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD product, then Equilibria CBD is definitely a company worth checking out. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at their products and what makes them stand out from the competition. We’ll also discuss some of its pros and cons and additional perks when you buy from them.

Key Takeaways: Is This Company Reputable?

Rating: 8 out of 10

Equilibria CBD is a company known for its premium-grade organic products and dedication to educating people, especially women, about CBD. The company is also well-regarded when it comes to transparency in its product ingredients, lab test results, and many more. What we didn’t like about the company is its high product price.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Equilibria CBD

  • All products are third-party tested;
  • Uses flower-only extract (no stalk, stem, and leaves);
  • Wide range of products to cover different needs;
  • Offers dosage support for better guidance in using CBD; and
  • Transparent with product ingredients and lab results.

Cons of Equilibria CBD

  • Higher price points than other brands;
  • Return Policy needs improvement; and
  • Unclear extraction method.

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1. Top-Rated Product: Daily Drops

Equilibria CBD’s Daily Drops is one of the brand’s top-rated products. This tincture promotes relaxation, eases tension, and improves general wellbeing.

It comes in two concentrations — 300mg of CBD for regular-strength tincture and 1500mg of CBD for extra-strength tincture. Both products come in natural flavor, so expect them to have a nutty, grassy flavor. However, regular-strength tincture also has a mint-flavored variant for people who don’t like the sometimes overpowering flavor of the tincture.

The drops are designed to be taken sublingually and can offer relief within 30 minutes. It also has a higher price point than other brands.

2. Runner-Up: Daily Softgels

Equilibria CBD’s Daily Softgels is an easy and discreet way of getting your daily dose of CBD. Simply pop one of the unflavored capsules in and drink with water.

It’s a slow-release product, so this may be best for those who are looking for long-lasting CBD effects. It gives the cells some time to fully absorb CBD, allowing it to stay longer in the system. It can take up to three hours before it takes effect, but the effects can last up to eight hours.

The Daily Softgels comes in two concentrations — 10mg of CBD for regular strength and 25mg of CBD for extra strength. They’re also quite more expensive than other brands.

Other Products Offered By Equilibria CBD

Are you still looking for something else to try? Check out these other products offered by Equilibria CBD:

1. Daily Gummies

Gummies are a fun and delicious way of incorporating CBD into your daily routine, and Equilibria’s Daily Gummies gives you just that. Its gummies boast of a unique pineapple and dragonfruit flavor, a perfect flavor to mask the herbal, grassy taste of CBD. Unlike the usual CBD gummies with artificial ingredients, this one is gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

One container of Daily Gummies has 30 pieces, and each piece has a potency of 10mg CBD. Since this is also a slow-release product, it can take up to an hour before the effects kick in. However, the therapeutic effects of CBD can last for a long time, about eight hours.

These CBD gummies are heat-sensitive, so it’s best to store them in a cool, dry place to preserve their effects. It’s also best to chew it thoroughly first before swallowing.

2. Relief Balm

Equilibria CBD’s Relief Balm is also a crowd favorite. A topical cream that’s crafted to provide relief from inflammation, pain, and tension, it can be applied to the affected areas in the body and used as often as needed.

The Relief Balm is made with natural ingredients such as CBD oil, shea butter, arnica, menthol, lavender, and rosemary. It comes in a 1 oz jar containing a total of 500mg of CBD. It also doesn’t have a strong scent, so it’s perfect for those who want a more subtle aroma.

However, it’s pretty expensive, considering that you’ll only be getting an ounce per jar.

3. Mindful Mineral Soak

Soaking in warm water with Equilibria CBD’s Mindful Mineral Soak is the perfect way to relax and de-stress after a long, tiring day. This product contains 30 minerals, a total of 200mg of CBD, and aromatic oils. The ingredients can help soothe your tired body, and its relaxing yet invigorating scent can also relax your mind.

To use, simply pour 1/4 of the bag’s content into your warm bath water and let it dissolve. One pouch is good for up to four uses.

This product has a pretty strong scent, so it may not be suitable for those with allergies. It’s also more expensive than other CBD salt baths.

4. Rapid Calming Melts

Equilibria CBD’s Rapid Calming Melts is a fast-acting product that can help relieve anxiety, stress, and tension. It’s perfect for those who are looking for immediate symptom relief.

Each melt contains 5mg of CBD, and one jar of this product contains 15 melts. It’s vegan-friendly and has a natural peppermint flavor.

These melts come in a convenient, discreet jar that you can keep with you for on-the-go use. Think of it as a mint candy that you can just pop into your mouth and let dissolve.

This may be the cheapest Equilibria CBD product in the brand’s collection, but it’s still fairly more expensive than other brands.

Will Equilibria CBD Deliver Near Me?

Equilibria CBD offers free shipping to anywhere within the United States, and you’ll receive your order within three to seven days. You can also avail of their expedited shipping option and receive your package within two to five days.

The company doesn’t ship orders during weekends. It also doesn’t ship internationally.

Does Equilibria CBD Publish Third-Party Testing? 

Yes, Equilibria CBD publishes all of its third-party test results on its website. You can even download a PDF copy of the product’s lab test.

Third-party lab testing allows customers to check whether or not the product contains THC. It also lets them know if the product is safe and contains its stated potency.

Are There Any Discounts Available For Equilibria CBD Products?

Once you subscribe as a member, you can enjoy these discounts from Equilibria CBD:

  • An automatic 20% off for one-time purchases;
  • 10% off for purchasing two items
  • 20% off for three or more items;
  • $20 store credit when you refer a friend to be a new member;
  • Sitewide sales; and
  • Gift cards.

Price Comparison: Are Equilibria CBD Products Worth It?

Equilibria CBD’s products are quite expensive compared to other brands in the market. The higher cost is justified since the brand only uses 100% natural, organic, premium-grade ingredients.

Some people might find the prices too steep, but for many, investing in high-quality CBD products is worth it.

You can buy Equilibria CBD products directly from the website You can also view all pertinent product information on the website — from ingredients and benefits to lab results and how to use the product.

You can also avail of the brand’s free CBD dosage support when you purchase.

Which Product Is Best For Me?

The best product for you depends on how why you want to use CBD in the first place. Here are some ideas:

  • Daily Drops, if it’s your first time trying CBD;
  • Daily Softgels, if you’re looking for a convenient and discreet way of taking CBD; and
  • Relief Balm or Rapid Calming Melts (Melatonin) if you’re having localized issues like muscle soreness, stiff joints, and headaches.

All products can already help improve your general wellbeing. Some products like the softgels and drops produce long-lasting effects, while the melts produce a faster onset of effects.

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Best Alternative Brands

If you think the Equilibria CBD products don’t suit your needs, then here are some of the best alternative brands that you can try:

1. Black Tie CBD

If you’re looking for a brand with a higher potency range, you should check out Black Tie CBD. Although it’s also on the expensive end, it has a good variety of potent CBD products.

2. Plain Jane

Plain Jane is a good choice if you want something less expensive, has high potency range, and several flavor options. However, its products may not be ideal for beginners.

3. Garden of Life CBD

Garden of Life CBD also offers organic products but at lower prices. It also offers other products such as probiotics, vitamins, and protein.

Each brand has its unique selling points, so do your research to see which product can fit you best.

Final Review: Should I Buy From Equilibria CBD?

Overall, Equilibria CBD is a good company that offers high-quality organic CBD products. The company has many positive reviews, and it has also earned the trust of many consumers for its transparency. Equilibria CBD is a great option, especially if you’re starting your CBD journey. It also offers CBD dosage support and educational materials to guide you.

However, its prices are on the expensive end of the spectrum. If you’re willing to spend more money on your wellness goals, then Equilibria CBD is a great option. With the quality of its products, you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

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