Mike Zmuda

Head of Security for Tantalus Labs
Tantalus Labs
Mike Zmuda is the Head of Security for Tantalus Labs, in addition to being a cannabis influencer, writer, and Twitch streamer.

Prior to arriving in the cannabis industry, he made significant contributions to information security in the Canadian telecommunications sector as well as developing industrial automation software. He is a 2018 Cannabis Influencer award nominee and contributed to material that was brought before the Canadian Senate during the reading of Bill C-45.

As an influencer, Mike is better known as Infosec Dan Fielding, and is outspoken on a variety of issues including the intersection of technology and society, liberty and cannabis policy. He often live tweets cannabis conferences and events to bring the valuable information delivered by speakers to the public at large.

Mike has written for Lift and NICHE in addition to reporting on Alberta-related events for Lift during the early legalization policy development period, and continues to create thought-provoking cannabis content on his personal site.