Kyla Lee

Criminal Defence Lawyer
Acumen Law Corporation

Kyla has distinguished herself with her encyclopedic knowledge of impaired driving law, procedure, and police practice. She is well-known for her tireless litigation in advancing judicial reviews of Immediate Roadside Prohibitions in BC Supreme Court. Kyla has extensive knowledge in cannabis law, and handles a variety of cannabis related offences and regulatory charges. Kyla knows exactly how to fight cannabis impaired driving charges. Kyla works meticulously, and is constantly advocating for changes regarding cannabis reform. In addition to her presentations, Kyla Lee hosts a weekly popular video series, “Cases That Should Have Gone to the Supreme Court of Canada, But Didn’t!”, and a podcast, “Driving Law” every Friday. Kyla has appeared on numerous podcasts, including the Cannabis Act Podcast, the BC Humanist Society Podcast,Politicoast Podcast, the Women’s March Canada Podcast, and more.